27 (122) 2016
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Recruiting tempts for the UK labour market – before and after Brexit

By Aneta Janik - Barciś, president of the board, Macro-Work
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Macro-Work sp. z o.o. is a Polish temporary employment agency with exclusively Polish capital.

The company has been successfully operating on the domestic and foreign markets for eight years now. Hiring staff on the basis of temporary employment contracts can potentially reduce labour costs, especially during periods of intensified production or increased seasonal demand.

We offer flexible solutions in employment, recruitment of management, engineering, specialist staff and other. Our offer also includes quality control and payroll services, where we can take over our clients’ obligations in the areas of HR and payroll. Last year, Macro-Work joined the  Polish Association of Employment Agencies. Established in 2005, the association brings together professional employment agencies that offer high quality customer service, a guarantee of reliability and the highest standards of service, as well as protecting the rights of temporary workers.

In June 2016, Macro-Work was invited by Marta Smolarek, from the BPCC's Kraków office, to join the Chamber. We saw this invitation as a great opportunity for further development, and decided to accept the offer. Thanks to this, just two months later, Ms. Smolarek introduced us to a company that presented to us the potential for long-term collaboration. From the point of view of a Polish employment agency, the British market appears to be an attractive ground for future development. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to cooperate with British employment agencies and businesses searching for qualified staff and flexible HR management solutions.

The British and the Polish labour markets are alike in that they are both employee-oriented. Unemployment in the UK stands at 4.8%, while in Poland at 8.2%, which is a record low in Poland's modern history. The favourable situation on the British labour market has attracted economic migrants for years. Despite the abundance of job offers in Poland, the UK appears to be more attractive, mainly due to the level of remuneration it offers. The British labour market is highly receptive and has a great demand for employees – beginning with labourers, through qualified staff, ending with top managers or experienced engineering personnel. The latter, however, always involve strict requirements set by potential employers.

Fluent knowledge of English is a sine qua non. Future employers also pay attention to the professional experience and, to a lesser extent, the level of education of a candidate. So, a candidate who has proved successful in their home country may be employed despite not having sufficient formal education. Students who plan to go to the UK to learn English, and use that opportunity to earn some money for their personal needs and maintenance, should not have any problems finding temporary work; there are plenty of offers.

When discussing the British and Polish labour markets, one cannot help but mention Brexit. What will be of the Poles who already work there or who are planning to start work in the UK? Will the UK market be as open to our people as it has been until now? I truly hope so, yet the concerns are high. Polish people are concerned about new labour market regulations, reinstatement of visas and work permits. As an optimist, I trust everything will be just fine.

Joining the BPCC gave me the chance to meet many wonderful people from diverse areas of business and to liaise with other Polish companies-members of the BPCC. I am looking forward to the development of this successful collaboration.

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