27 (122) 2016
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Chairman & CEO Note

Chairman’s and Chief Executive’s Note

with Antoni F. Reczek OBE and Paweł Siwecki
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A Year To Remember

The year that’s about to end has been a year of surprises. As we entered 2016, few believed that Britain would vote for Brexit, or that Americans would vote for Donald Trump as president. Yet both happened.

Business, however, must go on despite the dynamically changing global economic climate. Within the British-Polish economic space, our role must be to continue to inform you of the changes – and the opportunities (or threats) that they carry.

However, in the life of the chamber, the year has been remarkable, as we welcomed two new ambassadors as our Honorary Presidents. Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Warsaw, Jonathan Knott, and the Polish Ambassador to London, Arkady Rzegocki, both took up their new posts during the course of 2016. We hosted our ambassadors at the first-ever BPCC Annual Gala Dinner which proved to be great success. We wish them every success in building the Polish-British relationship from good to GREAT!

Brexit is what’s everyone is talking about; we have tasked our chief adviser, Michael Dembinski, to sift the facts from the speculations, and to update members at the beginning of each month on the current state of affairs relating to it. In terms of the larger picture of bilateral relations, Michael writes monthly reports on the Polish macroeconomic indicators. We hope you find this useful, and we value your feedback – any comments on proposals can be sent directly to Michael.

The next issue of Contact magazine, for the first time ever, will be fully devoted to our work in the UK, portraying the spirit of Polish entrepreneurship in the UK and our members’ activities across Britain.

A significant milestone

The British Polish Chamber of Commerce stands at the threshold of its 25th Anniversary year. Our Silver Jubilee is another milestone in the chamber’s history, as well as its obligations to keep up with the changing world. At the age of 25 we feel young and passionate at what we do, yet with the necessary experience and expertise to act effectively! We plan to engage with you so please follow our media announcements and look out for the special branding marking the anniversary events.  

Celebrities will open with a Scottish touch on 26 January in Warsaw with Robert Burns Night Supper – an evening of poetry reading, sword dance, bagpipes and Scottish culinary specialties accompanied by a hand-picked selection of uisge-beatha or ‘water of life’ as the whisky is called in Gaelic.    

In the UK, we’ve partnered with Institute of Export to create the Exporting to Poland guidebook, which will appear in print and digital version. The launch event takes place at the Polish Embassy in London on 24 January. The guidebook stands as our commitment to supporting UK exporters seeking to succeed in the Polish market.

Celebrations will continue throughout the whole year with a variety of social and professional engagements. We encourage to use your membership to make the most of our 12 policy groups. As a member, you can access all activities in Warsaw, London, Kraków or Wrocław.  Our vibrant and dynamic network  across Poland and the UK is helping investors, exporters, advisers and any other businesses, small or large, that seek assistance, support and helpful advice.

Of course, there are great stories to tell and memories to recall, therefore in June, a print edition of Contact magazine will serve as a special anniversary publication, highlighting the best of those 25 years of being together.

The Grand Finale of the 25th Anniversary of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce takes place on the evening of 19 October at Warsaw’s Intercontinental Hotel – please circle the date in your calendar – an event like this happens only once a generation – you can’t miss it!

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