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Work embassy of the future

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The place that makes a creative community. Work as a creative process supported by innovative space.

Welcome to the Brain Embassy: the space for meetings, exchange of ideas and sharing experience between different worlds – corporations, small and medium businesses, start-ups, and freelancers.

The Brain Embassy was an initiative of Adgar Poland, an office development and management company. Bartosz Trzop of Trzop Architekci was responsible for the architectural and interior design. Furnishings were selected and supplied by experts from Kinnarps. “From the beginning we were targeting high-end suppliers,” says Katarzyna Bobowska-Caruso, strategy and development director at Adgar Poland. “We selected the company due to its experience and the reputation it enjoys among real estate developers, as well as its research and consulting projects, its trend reports, and the concept of Kinnarps Next Office,” she said.

The developer quickly established a rapport with the people of Kinnarps Polska. All the parties were united by a vision of an office building which really belonged in the future and was in line with current trends. In this way, Poland’s first co-creation project was born.

“For years, in over 40 countries, we’ve realised projects and promoted top standards of workplace arrangement in the areas of ergonomics, sustainability and design,” says Beata Osiecka, managing director at Kinnarps Polska. “At the Brain Embassy, we transfer global trends to our market and take the concept of co-working to a higher level,” says Ms Bobowska-Caruso.

The Brain Embassy is a project with Kinnarps as the partner of the developer and the architectural designer, serving in its traditional role as supplier of high-quality products but also as a competent consultant, aware of global trends and changes that shape new patterns of work and office space.

Designed in a different manner to that seen in the majority of workplaces where common spaces are scarce, making room for individual workstations, the Brain Embassy takes the opposite approach. The workstations are compact and versatile, while the central part of the office is occupied by a common space resembling a lounge or a town square, depending on the user’s perception. “Esencia chairs with a self-weighing mechanism have proved their versatility in workstations. We also used new generation desks, Nexus, including their bench version, which allows many people to work on the same desktop,” says Monika  Miksa, key account manager, responsible for the project at Kinnarps Polska.

In the common space, to emphasise its versatility and diversity, products from across the Kinnarps portfolio were used, as well as those supplied by brands collaborating with Kinnarps. Apart from the furniture, Kinnarps supplied acoustic panels to increase the usability of this large and open space.

“We call the Brain Embassy a co-creation, and indeed – the whole creative process relied on co-creation. Together with Trzop Architekci and Kinnarps Polska we’ve proven that to set new standards, one needs a clash of different worlds. We would not be able to achieve this on our own,” says Ms Bobowska-Caruso. “It is one of the most ambitious and innovative projects in my career, and definitely the most creative. Almost 2,000 m2 with hundreds of details, which came into being in less than six months! It was a crazy pace but we are all very proud of the final result,” says Bartosz Trzop, head of Trzop Architekci.

The Brain Embassy is 1,643 m2 of innovative space with 250 workstations (140 in the open space, another 110 at the separate offices). Members of the Brain Embassy community will benefit from the open event space accommodating 200 people, creative conference rooms and many informal meeting places, including the Brainstorm Room, the Floating Ideas Room, the Knowledge Room, or the Nap Room.

“We believe that the Brain Embassy project will inspire others to create new workspaces and initiate a new era in the approach to office environment. We’re proud that we could be a partner in such an innovative project, says Beata Osiecka. The place is perfect for creative activities and designed so as to attract people open to new, inspiring experiences,” says Ms Bobowska-Caruso.

Considering the huge interest this innovative space aroused, Adgar Poland has started to work on the next stage of the project, which will extend the Brain Embassy to 3,000 m2. Over the next three years, the company is planning to provide 20,000 m2 of office space, including in the very centre of Warsaw.

“The involvement of all the parties brought great results and sped up the work – the selection, supply and fitting of furnishings took only two months! Although the pace was really quick, every piece of furniture, every colour or finishing was carefully selected to meet the developer’s and the designer’s expectations with respect to functionality, ergonomics, and quality.” says Ms Bobowska-Caruso.

The Brain Embassy, designed by Trzop Architekci, developed by Adgar Poland. Floor area: 1,643 m2 Completion: 2016

Kinnarps products/solutions:
Workstations – Oberon, Nexus lines
Swivel chairs – Esencia
Tables/desk – Ava, Amore, Centrum, Hal, Monolite,
Couture, Pond, Combine
Seating – stools Cap, armchairs Clip, bar stools
Plockepinn, armchairs with footrest Drop, stools Plint,
chairs Jefferson, Flex, Embrace, Polett and Deli, sitting
balls Boullée, poufs Trixagon, seats Frame, armchairs
Hub and Apollo, caster chairs Afternoon
Sofas – Olivia, Reform, Avec, Blanket
Walls and acoustic panels – Airflake, Aircone, Prim

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