26 (121) 2016
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Editorial note

Information technology is nothing new – so why is digitisation so important?

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This issue of Contact Magazine focuses on those aspects of digitisation which are becoming increasingly critical issues for business – cyber security, personal profiling and Big Data, email marketing, universal communication and Wi-Fi connectivity.

We also take a look at new areas of business opportunity which are rapidly developing, yet need some form of regulation – such as drones.

While the private sector is getting on with it, working with the regulators and the lawyers, the public sector tends to be tagging along behind, many years late in delivering digital services that customers of private-sector businesses such as banks and airlines take for granted today.

Talk of a 'paperless state' from the Polish government has provoked wry smiles from entrepreneurs who are aware of just how much paper needs to be generated to keep the authorities happy. While the UK has made tremendous strides in having a citizen-facing portal, GOV.UK operational now for four years, Poland is still lagging behind in digitising the state. We have an interview with the strategic advisor to the minister of digitisation.

Is Central and Eastern Europe falling behind in digitisation? Are its companies up to date with their digitisation strategies? A Deloitte report looks at how business in the region is coping with the challenges that stem from the accelerating pace of digital transformation.

Also in this issue, how digitisation is affecting PR and customer relationships – the burgeoning of the social media means that businesses must work much harder to maintain their reputations. Jan Šimůnek, CEO of Grayling for continental Europe, reveals how digitisation has affected the PR industry – and what this means for its clients. And the future of trade fairs in an age of e-commerce and teleconferencing – is there still a place for face-to-face?

But this issue of Contact Magazine Online is not 100% about digitisation – there are other interesting articles too – the power of volunteering – what lessons the London Olympics hold for Polish organisations harnessing volunteers' good will in CSR activities. And how the BPCC is working to get British lamb onto the plates of Polish foodies.

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