26 (121) 2016
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Digital handshake

by Łukasz Winiarski, Member of the board of Henwar
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The handshake is common in business culture, used when greeting, congratulating or parting.

This universal gesture was first documented in the ninth century BC when the Assyrian ruler Shalmaneser III shook hands with the Babylonian king Marduk-Zakir -shumi I. An open and cordial hand showed the lack of ill will, and specifically that there was no knife hidden in the sleeves of a gown.

Contemporary psychologists have studied the meanings of the handshake. They draw our attention to the timing, the direction of presenting the hand and the strength of the grip. Handshakes such as ‘the sandwich’, the ‘wet fish’ or the ‘upper hand’ say a lot about the potential business partner standing before us. First impressions are most important, and gestures of openness, the sincerity of greetings, posture and body language look can betray our deeper intentions.

The past 150 years of communication between people has witnessed the evolution of such technologies as the telegraph, telephone, internet and mobile device. Each innovation has served to reduce distance in the exchange of information. Our handshake has been replaced by the phrases we convey in our emails, the avatars we use on our social media pages, the digital business cards we send by SMS and even through the watches which are able to exchange the data of their respective owners during a virtual handshake. Today, what counts is a shortest time to search for relationships, the scale of contacts and professionalism with the use of the latest innovative and secure tools. We now exchange digital handshakes but the instincts and intentions of our ancestors still remain valid.
The BPCC has now put its digital handshake in to the form of an application for mobile devices. With the digitisation of its key information, the BPCC has made it possible to find contacts to other members, search out the freshest trade opportunities and sign up for BPCC events whenever your want, wherever you are; the readiness to embrace and exchange information with other BPCC members  is always there, via a device that’s in our pocket or handbag.
In addition to the sharing contact details of BPCC members, the application gives us the location of their offices on a map, a directory of special member-to-member offers, notifications of opportunities of interest to us, the chamber’s events calendar of events, and the ability to follow the BPCC on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. The active support of 400 BPCC members hastens the  exchange of business card, cutting physical distance and creating opportunities to reach members specifically interested in your products or services.  

For several years, our focus at Henwar has been on digital media and communication channels. We’re proud to present to you our mobile application. The BPCC is the first bilateral chamber of commerce in Poland that provides its members with this innovative solution. When using this mobile solution for the first time as a BPCC member, you’ll experience a friendly handshake and feel the professionalism of the BPCC’s staff who are behind this application possibilities. I wish you fruitful business cooperation. I hope to see you soon to shake hands in person, but thanks to the BPCC mobile app, we’ll get to make our first handshake a digital one.

Details at: https://archive.bpcc.org.pl/en/news/bpcc-mobile-app

The program for Android phones is available for free in the Google Play store:

We will soon release a version for iOS.

Implementation and IT support for the described application, and provides BPCC: http://henwar.pl/
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