26 (121) 2016
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Managing the sales team - workshop using managerial simulation game

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On June 17 Novotel Krakow Centrum hosted the BPCC Academy that was addressed to managers, sales managers and HR representatives seeking for interesting solutions for development for their co-workers.

The workshop was provided by BPCC member, consulting and training company - TAK! Tylko dobre rozwiązania. Training had a form of an interactive board game that was conducted by experts and the managing partners of the company YES! - Mr Przemyslaw Rybarczyk and Ms Agnieszka Modzelewska who have extensive professional experience in the management of human resources. Their main areas of expertise include:

- management process in sales
- the creation and implementation of network management systems sales
- the creation and implementation of HR for soft sales network (career path, motivation)
- training, workshops and training sessions
- life and business coaching

The workshop was based on a game called “the funnel sales'', during which the players took on the role of managers in pairs. Their task as managers was to manage the team of vendors, directing their actions and measuring the consequences of their decisions. The amount of points gained was determined by the number of meshes on thrown dices, therefore the fate could have been here very unpredictable - participants of the game had to take the plain luck into account.

The whole game was divided into various stages, which could have been passed in accordance with the scored points:

1. recruitment and selection,
2. planning,
3. organising,
4. management,
5. monitoring and evaluation activities.

The intention was to force participants to reflection on their managerial skills and to estimate them and showing in practice how one can manage people in a period of four quarters in the most effective way, and all in an affordable form of play - which according to Mr Przemyslaw Rybarczyk is the unique selling point of the company TAK! Tylko dobre rozwiązania.

After the training it was the time for further discussions and having coffee. The prize giving followed and the winning pair was given books.  All participants received a diploma on completing the workshop on sales management. The workshop was a demonstration of a bigger game which on regular basis is a part of a longer, 2-day training aimed at developing the competence of managing sales.

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