26 (121) 2016
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International Oktoberfest 2016

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Wroclaw’s International Oktoberfest is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most prestigious business events in Lower Silesia.

The main organizers, who ensured attractiveness of this meeting were British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Irish-Polish Chamber of Commerce. This year's edition of the International Oktoberfest has combined the best traditions of previous festivities by a wide and colourful exhibitions of characteristic food and cultural elements of each of the countries represented by the Chambers.

The meeting was honoured by the presence of ambassadors and consuls general of related countries, as well as representatives of local authorities. Among the guests there were many well-known and popular people - each year, the International Oktoberfest is visited by most valued representatives of member companies, supporters of the organizers, and influential Wrocław’s diplomats.

Meeting was led by Stefan Müller, who with his characteristic eloquence kept the joyful atmosphere through the whole evening, boosting guests with energy and recalling smile on their faces with his witty comments.

The main attractions of the evening couldn’t lack it’s most traditional elements - Tapping-of-the-Barrel alongside energetic music, which, as every year, played the Bavarian State Orchestra Musikkapelle Niederwangen, existing since 1823. In reference to the recent sports events, program included show of impressive football skills, while the star-turn proved to be eagerly-awaited by guests quiz with fantastic  prizes.

In this unusual atmosphere, the visitors could enjoy the delicious taste of beers served by such breweries as Doctor Brew, Landskron, Namysłów, Pilsner Urquell, Franziskaner, Lowenbrau and Spaten. Among the offered drinks there were also included more subtle flavours – cider Meli Melum, Cider Lubelski and traditional Slavic kvas.

Exhibition of the latest models of Audi, Seat and Volswagen cars rose definite interest,  while their visual qualities emphasized both light installations and smiling hostesses.

International Oktoberfest is a luxurious networking event, which allows for an effective integration of top and mid-level managers of companies affiliated to the international chambers, their customers, business partners and friendly companies from the Lower Silesia. Guests leaving Wroclaw Arsenal kept in mind not only the numerous attractions, but also valuable contacts, leaving behind only a good impression, as reflected by the farewell’s wide smiles and firm handshakes.


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