26 (121) 2016
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How the BPCC helped us enter the UK market

by Rafał Orzechowski, co-owner of Inject Plast
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Every growing business will face one day the situation, when the domestic market becomes too small, too limited or no longer appropriate.

Almost every company would like to deliver its services abroad and UK market looks very interesting from the first glance – good margins, well developed and stable economy, with over 64 million potential clients.

There is only one question: how?        

Inject Plast is a manufacturer of plastic products, with over 10 years experience in processing plastics, delivering to its clients a wide spectrum of vacuum-formed and injection-moulded items, with an annual production of around 10 million pieces.  I would like to share with my experience in first step to approach the UK market.  When you’re alone with no support, it’s always difficult to identify your potential business partners and especially to initiate and build the relations, to break the wall of the first contact. That is why Inject Plast decided to search for professionals, providing export support services for Polish companies. After few negative experiences with local specialists, I decided to search for institutions, which give the support to Polish entities in finding business partners abroad.

That’s how I found the BPCC and identified their export service that I found worthy of consideration.  After signing a contract with the chamber, the expert allocated to our company started to explore the UK market to select the companies which might be interested in cooperation.

We received plenty of contact details and began to initiate the correspondence. What surprised us positively was that our British partners wanted to communicate with us and presented a very open-minded approach, even if some of them were not interested in our vacuum-formed trays, that we initially were trying to promote. From this early beginning we felt the trust on the other side, hence we actually achieved what we intended. Our partnership with the BPCC gave us a framework within which both sides felt comfortable and could focus on doing business.

In our profession, this trust is a crucial part, as several financial risks may occur on both sides, but especially on manufacturer’s side, when you are sending goods without being sure that you’ll receive payment for them. After weeks of selection and efforts to attract potential partners with our products – vacuum-formed trays and injection moulding services, we finally found a partner who was seriously interested. We exchanged plenty of emails, getting to know and understand ourselves  and our capabilities and needs, so that we could provide the product expected. We prepared the prototype of the item (vacuum-formed chocolate tray) and delivered it free of charge. After selection of material thickness and product colour, we prepared the tooling and started the production. However, although we faced some difficulties while executing the first order, our client always remained flexible and understanding.

From the very beginning and the initial issues, the important decisions right through to payment, the communication from British side was always on a very high level. We were impressed by the professionalism and individual approach represented by the client and we still are. Now we’re finalising our second order with this client, who open to expanding the scope of our cooperation.

At this moment, we’re in talks with few more British companies interested in our services, negotiating the product prices with a serious chances for cooperation in the near future. All of them seems to be a trusting and reliable companies with very competent representatives.

Currently, as Inject Plast is intending to enter UK with our latest product – plastic hangers and we are planning to involve the BPCC once more, being confident that once again it would be also a good decision made.

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