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Collaborate to succeed in a digitally transformed workplace

by Arthur Kachka, country manager, sales and channel leader in Arkadin Poland, Baltic & Ukraine
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In our increasingly digital and connected workplace, businesses must become more agile to compete and succeed.

Trends driven by the cloud, social communities and a mobile workforce are driving dramatic changes in how people work. Changes will only intensify as the new generation of Millennials becomes more dominant and begins to assume leadership positions.

These changes point to a new importance around workforce engagement.  Workers today are expected to access their information from anywhere, collaborating virtually across borders and time zones anywhere in the world.  Technologies that enable rapid and seamless communications through any device at any time are no longer nice to have – they have become essential enablers for driving productivity and workplace well-being.  With digital communications technologies, businesses of any size are better positioned to share ideas, interact with customers and unleash the full potential of their people through more efficient and effective collaboration.

Digital communications technologies are at the centre of Arkadin’s product portfolio, so we can lead companies to increased growth and success through positive collaboration experiences. We are driven by the idea that progress emerges from people’s desire to share and work together. For that reason, we are dedicated to ensuring we have the highest quality collaboration services available in the market.

Arkadin’s collection of audio/web/video conferencing and Unified Communications technologies is delivered in the cloud, backed by a cutting-edge infrastructure for premium service quality. Our business model is centred on deploying services that are administered locally by highly trained professionals who are geographically and culturally close to clients. This local approach to service has been part of our DNA since our inception in 2001 and it remains a key pillar of our success.

Within our market segment we have the most extensive presence in the world with operations in over 30 countries, serving 50,000+ customers from a range of industries. As a member of Japan’s NTT Group, one of the world’s largest telecoms companies, we’re able to offer customers the complete package: the most advanced collaboration services and global infrastructure plus comprehensive, locally administered support services, resulting in a real win-win for customers since we can meet all of their IT needs.

Maximising collaboration investments

Arkadin’s commitment is to help clients meet their objectives by optimising their investments in collaboration solutions.  Our wealth of experience in digital collaboration has given us valuable insights into what’s required to succeed in our rapidly evolving business climate.  

Businesses that are looking to put into place world-class collaboration solutions to meet the demands of this new environment need to consider the following in their decision making:

Best of breed solutions:  Having the highest quality services is imperative for an excellent user experience.  Most businesses need a mix of audio, web and video conferencing, web event technology and Unified Communications services that are mobile enabled to allow collaborative teamwork from any device, anywhere and anytime. Cloud-based services result in fast and easy deployments that reduce the need for internal IT resources and upfront capital investments. Another important benefit is scale. With cloud services, it is simple to scale from local to global deployments.

Cloud-based video conferencing technology, for example, has transformed video meetings, making them easy and accessible to all businesses for greater workplace productivity. Not too long ago video conferencing was restricted primarily to senior executives due to the expense of room systems. With cloud technology, it can be enjoyed at all levels due to far lower cost and complexity compared to legacy video room systems. Today Arkadin has clients worldwide that benefit from more frequent face-to-face interactions at a fraction of the cost of business travel.  Arkadin’s collection of market leading cloud-based video meeting solutions enable meeting participants several advantages:

  • High-definition video quality from anywhere

  • Simple, reliable and consistent one-click screen and application sharing in real-time

  • Flexible deployment options that enable users to easily connect desktops, mobile devices or room systems for instant video collaboration from anywhere

  • Universal interoperability for connecting multiple collaboration technologies in a single meeting

Premium quality of services: It’s not enough to have the best technology services.  Organisations need a service provider with a solid infrastructure for ensuring the highest quality collaboration experiences and data security.  Look for providers who have global networks that can absorb peaks of conferencing usage. This will guarantee reliable and fluid communications without service interruptions. This is an important consideration for many of our clients since the nature of collaboration technology makes bandwidth consumption intensive and erratic.  

End-to-end client support:  In our fast changing business environment, it’s more important than ever to listen to customers and adapt strategies for delivering on their requirements. Whether you are a small local business or a multinational conglomerate, having a provider who can deliver full 365° support at the local level − beginning  at the planning and inception stages, through to final deployment and employee training is a tremendous advantage.  It will ensure optimal agility and responsiveness in delivering fast and efficient roll-outs from local service professionals who speak your employee’s languages and understand their local cultures.  

And it’s not just about the technology. It’s also about ensuring your employees have the best user experience by getting the most from their feature sets for leading to greater productivity in their day to day work.

High interoperability and integration capabilities: Having full interoperability (or connectivity) between disparate collaboration and Unified Communications technologies will ensure seamless delivery of services, and greater user adoption and satisfaction. For example, if a company already has invested in video conferencing or on premise Unified Communications services, they may benefit from a provider who can integrate audio services for a simpler, user experience that is more stable and reliable. The same is true for clients who need interconnections between hosted and on-premise systems.  A service provider who can offer high levels of interoperability will help to maximise the usage of your IT infrastructure, leading to greater return on investment.

Collaborating effectively is the key to competing and succeeding in today’s digitally transformed workplace.

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