25 (120) 2016
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Big business with a heart and conscience

Header katarzyna rybicka
with Katarzyna Rybicka, board member, strategic and development director, Amplus


Amplus is Poland’s biggest fresh fruits and vegetable producer and distributor. Operating  for almost a quarter of a century, its goal is to provide consumers with safe, premium-quality products.

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British Lamb is taking Polish market by storm

Lamb consumption in Poland is currently extremely low, so the product is marketed as niche and premium.


Business culture in Poland

by Łukasz Lemke, business consultant, BPCC Trade


Overall, Polish business culture is similar to Western European norms. Some differences arise from cultural and historical factors e.g. a higher degree of formality, more direct communication, a focus on concrete and measurable concepts.


More UK produce on Polish shelves thanks to BPCC

On 23 and 24 May 2016, ten British food and drink producers took part in the fourth edition of Taste of Britain programme, organised by the BPCC’s Trade Team.