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Switch on to savings on your electricity costs

by Matthew Nunn, director of SMEs for EDF in Poland
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For a small business, electricity costs can be a significant part of your monthly expenditure, and therefore it’s important to shop around and look for an electricity supplier that offers an attractive price, and will provide you with the quality of service you expect.

Unfortunately, today in Poland a large number of business customers have still not taken the opportunity to change their electricity supplier, and as a result many are paying much more for electricity than they need to.

EDF entered the market supplying electricity to small and medium-sized businesses in 2015, with a mission to bring customers big savings, better service, and more choice in terms of products. We have seen a very positive response to our offer and the business is growing rapidly.

Your right to change your electricity supplier

Historically, all customers were supplied electricity by their local distribution network operator, who was responsible for both the physical delivery of the electricity (through the electricity distribution network), and also for all customer-related activities such as invoicing and providing customer service.

Since July 2007, by the so-called TPA (Third Party Access) principle separated the activities of electricity distribution from the sale of electricity. This means that now, all customers are entitled to enter into two agreements; one agreement with the distribution entity operating in your area, and a separate one with an electricity seller selected completely at your discretion.

Why should you change supplier?

EDF strongly believes that competition in the electricity supply market is good for customers. Our experience from across Europe, and also in Poland, shows that competition drives down costs, forces suppliers to improve their service, and brings new innovative products and solutions to the market. For example, in the SME electricity supply market in Poland, we have seen customers enjoy significant benefits of competition, with some customers able to reduce costs by up to 30% by changing their supplier.

Some customers are already enjoying these benefits, as shown in the graph below. But it is still too low, and too many customers are missing out on the benefits of competition.

Cumulative number of TPA customers in particular months – business customers

Why EDF?

The EDF Group is one of the largest electricity companies in the world, trusted for decades by business and residential customers to meet their energy needs.  Today we have over 37m customers globally.

Having entered the market to supply SMEs in Poland in March 2015, we have seen a very significant take up of our offer, which is based on four very clear principles.

  • A low price for business. EDF offers some of the lowest prices on offer in the market, with savings of up to 30% versus the legacy suppliers,

  • A discount for your home. For many customers, EDF offers a discounted electricity supply contract for your home when you sign a business contract with EDF,

  • Free cancellation. Our ‘best choice guarantee’, means that if you aren’t happy with our service in the first three months you can simply cancel the contract with no penalty fees,

  • No hassle. Excellent customer service, with EDF taking care of everything, including the process of switching supplier.

But don’t just take our word for it… Since we started the business, over 6,000 customers have already made the decision to join EDF. The energy market in Poland is changing. Make sure that your business isn’t left behind.

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