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How we revolutised Poland’s transport industry

by Piotr Pogonowski, director of marketing and communications, PolskiBus.com
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The PolskiBus.com company debuted in the Polish market on 18 June 2011, and has been successfully operating for almost five years.

The growing road network, desire for mobility, and above all the lack of a high-quality carrier on a national scale who could offer comfortable conditions at attractive prices, are the main reasons why Sir Brian Souter decided to invest in Poland.  

Poland has a huge potential in the development of public transport. Market analysis showed that the majority of Poles used private cars to get from A to B. From the outset, PolskiBus.com set the goal of encouraging travellers to use buses – a more economical and environmentally-friendly solution. In Poland there’s still a cult of having your own car, but with the company's development offer it is beginning to change. Studies on PolskiBus.com passengers have shown that 24% of passengers changed from private cars into the comfortable buses.

The fact that Poland was the businesses "bull's eye,"  was confirmed the first months function of the PolskiBus.com company. During the first three months, the red buses transported 175,000 passengers. At the beginning, carriers offered eight lines connecting 16 Polish cities and four European capitals – Berlin, Bratislava, Prague and Vienna. On the routes we could see 18 new, comfortable Van Hool buses, each one carrying up to 70 passengers. They were equipped with tilting leather seats, sockets for charging laptops and cell phones, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a toilet. The buses are equipped to carry people with disabilities and have one of the most environmental engines with low CO2 emissions. In October 2011, PolskiBus.com announced the purchase of another 50 buses, and in December, significantly expanded the network of connections. Sir Brian Souter, who based on his UK experience, was convinced that Poles will change from cars to buses. The business model proven in other countries is based on offering comfortable travels with attractive prices starting from 1 zł +1 zł for booking fee. PolskiBus.com set new standards in the market, such as, the possibility of purchasing tickets via the Internet, free Wi-Fi , toilets, and modern comfortable coaches .

Last June, as PolskiBus.com celebrated its fourth anniversary, it summarised its activities:

  • Carried more than 13.5m passengers

  • Sold more than 527,000 tickets for 1 zloty (plus 1 zloty booking fee)

  • Over those four years, PolskiBus.com has invested in nearly 225m zlotys

  • Its coaches have carried around 40,000 tonnes of luggage

  • The company’s profile on Facebook is liked by 250,000 people

  • Coaches have travelled a distance of more than 85 million km

  • More than 800 jobs created in Poland

In September 2015, PolskiBus.com introduced another breakthrough service on the Polish market – luxury coaches boasting an even higher standard. The new premium brand, PolskiBusGold.com is the company’s response to the needs of the most demanding passengers. Sir Brian Souter decided on another investment, worth more than 10m zlotys, to once again revolutionise the market and to up the game. The new service combines all the popular features to which PolskiBus.com passengers have become accustomed, but with -new facilities, such as extra legroom and an enriched in-journey menu.

Last year saw further dynamic development of the company's offer in Poland. In September, PolskiBus.com launched eight new lines linking 17 new towns and cities. The total investment in 2015  amounted to more than 50m zlotys, including the 10 million zlotys for the new luxury coach fleet. Another city was added to PolskiBus.com’s network – Budapest, and even more buses were put on the P6 Warsaw-Radom-Kielce-Kraków line.

PolskiBus.com's priority is to ensure the highest possible passengers comfort for the lowest possible prices. To do this on a regular basis, the company continually analyses the demand for its services and the efficiency of routes included in the current grid connections. We constantly look for new ways to expand our range to increase its attractiveness for passengers.

This January, we transported the 16 millionth PolskiBus.com passenger in our 55 months of operation. The company enjoys our clients’ trust, having a large number of frequent passengers. A staggering 99.63% of PolskiBus.com customers are either ‘mostly satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with its services, according to research conducted by the carrier. Among the greatest strengths of the line, the respondents mentioned our comfortable leather seats, attractive schedules and ticket prices, and 92% of respondents felt that the services provided by the line contributed to their decision to use the company for their next trip. One of the most important facilities mentioned by our passengers was free internet access .

In 2016 PolskiBus.com plans to focus on maintaining the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. We will continue to analyse the functioning of the individual lines to optimise the network. Especially popular are the long international routes and new routes we offer, to Budapest and Vienna through Brno.

The current development of the company has been very dynamic, and the Polskibus.com has become an undisputed the leader in the transportation industry. We intend to maintain this dynamics in the future, and do not intend to lose our top position!    


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