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Imperial Tobacco Polska – a modern tobacco company

by Agnieszka Świergiel – general manager, president of management board, Imperial Tobacco Polska S.A.
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There are two companies from the Imperial  Brands which operate in Poland: Imperial Tobacco Polska SA, with its headquarters in Tarnowo Podgórne near to Poznań, and Imperial Tobacco Polska Manufacturing SA, with headquarters in Radom.

Together, the two companies employ around 1,500 staff.

Imperial Tobacco’s companies in Poland are continuously investing in the future, mainly in new machines and technologies. The most important investment of Imperial Tobacco Polska was the construction of a modern factory in Tarnowo Podgórne near Poznań. Numerous modernising investments were also carried out at the Imperial Tobacco factory in Radom.

In March 2011 Imperial Tobacco Polska completed the expansion of the production factory in Jankowice near Poznań, with the addition of a 10,000m2 production and storage hall. Thanks to this investment, the factory significantly improved the process of production of cut tobacco. In November 2013 the construction of a modern 13,000m2 production hall was completed. In February 2016 Imperial Tobacco Polska opened a modern high storage warehouse, 36m high with  a capacity for over 15,000 euro-pallets (or over 11,000 industrial or chemical pallets) over 13 levels. The warehouse has been fitted with a double-depth storage system which increases the effectiveness of the storage space. A network of chain and roll transporters moving pallets to and from the warehouse has been installed inside the warehouse and on logistic platforms. The warehouse and the transporters are fully automated and pallet identification is done using scanners.

The success of both of the companies can also be attributed to the quality of their products, and timely and reliable completion of supplies to the Polish as well as foreign markets. The high quality of manufactured products was confirmed in 2011 when Imperial Tobacco Polska received the title of the Laureate of the Highest Quality Programme of Quality International 2011, in the category QI Order – management of the highest quality; meanwhile the company in Radom received the Polish Quality Prize in 2012. The companies also undertake a number of activities to ensure compliance with regulations and customs authorities, resulting in several certifications. In 2010 Imperial Tobacco Polska SA received the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate from the Customs Office in Poznań, while in 2012 Imperial Tobacco Polska Manufacturing received the same certification from the Customs Office in Warsaw. Both of the companies were thus recognised by the customs authorities as being business entities which meet the requirements of the Union Customs Code. The AEO status, given in one of the member states of the European Union, is automatically recognised across the entire Union.

Imperial Tobacco Polska is one of Poland’s largest tobacco companies, manufacturing tobacco products and tobacco accessories for the domestic and export markets. It is the leading supplier on the domestic market for the sale of fine cut tobacco. In 2015, the market share in sales of tobacco products (cigarettes and smoking tobacco) reached 20.8%.

Both Imperial Tobacco factories in Poland are engaged in the production, for domestic and export markets, of tobacco products and semi-products used in the manufacturing of tobacco goods (such as filters and cut tobacco). The companies have high flexibility in the production for diverse markets which have different legal regulations.


Imperial Tobacco in Poland strives to foster the best possible working environment. Cooperation and building of positive mutual relations is crucial to creating a friendly workplace. Both companies put a lot of emphasis on looking after their staff, particularly through organising regular health-focused programmes.

As part of its staff welfare programme, both companies have introduced the ‘Junior’ initiative for supporting mums-to-be and young mothers, as well as helping women return to work after their maternity leave.

The companies also look after their employees who are close to retirement age and have created the ‘Gold Programme’ especially for them, which offers motivational benefits such as additional medical tests, extra days of annual leave and the possibility to submit a request to change working hours.

The safety of its staff, in the workplace and outside of it, is important for Imperial Tobacco. For this reason, many staff safety projects are being carried out, including the recently introduced S-Factor programme, preceded by workshops and staff surveys, which is aimed at engaging staff more closely in improving safety. There is also the Safety Pin initiative aimed at factory employees, intended to educate them about safety. Taking the form of contests between group of employees, this initiative has been extended to all factories across Imperial Brands.

Both companies have implemented internship and graduates  programmes, which prepare young people finishing their studies to take up their first professional employment. In recognition of this, in 2011 Imperial Tobacco Polska received the European Medal in the competition organised by the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

In Imperial Tobacco in Poland the voluntary programmes among the employees are very popular. Last year and this year, the month of  May is especially devoted to volunteering under the motto Mobilise for May. This year’s May volunteering initiatives are focused on helping the local municipality to clean up the surroundings, participation in charity runs and organising integration workshop for disabled people. Volunteering in Imperial Tobacco companies is well organised thanks to the involvement of employees, and thanks to the organisational support of the companies.

In  2016 both Imperial Tobacco companies in Poland received – once again – the Top Employer Poland Certificate for their unique recruitment policies. International research carried out by the Top Employers Institute identifies the leading global employers: those who create excellent working conditions, look after talent and strive to continuously improve their recruitment practices. At the heart of the process in the Top Employers project is the fact that all participants must undergo a process of detailed research, independent audit, and meet the high standards defined by the research. Thanks to this, the prize is an objective confirmation that Imperial Tobacco companies in Poland are great places to work.

Both Imperial Tobacco in Poland, as well as the entire Imperial Brands, have for many years actively engaged in supporting the relevant authorities in the fight against the smuggling of tobacco and fake products. On 27 September 2010 the Imperial Tobacco Group signed an agreement with the European Commission, focusing on cooperation in fighting cigarette smuggling in the European Union.

In May 2015 Imperial Tobacco Polska launched a website, www.stop-szarej-strefie.pl, to fight the illegal market by supporting Polish authorities in the fight against fake and smuggled tobacco products, as well as reaching people who have knowledge of locations where the illegal trade of tobacco products takes place.

Imperial Tobacco in Poland has for many years been actively engaged in supporting the customs authorities, police and border forces across the country in fighting crime on the tobacco market. Since 2003, employees of the company have carried out over 30 training sessions for these authorities. Training courses, organised by the company, focus on the scale and sources of tobacco products smuggling, as well as the best methods for distinguishing legal products from illegal ones.

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