24 (119) 2016
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British Investment

The UK can help Poland go global

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by Michał H. Mrożek, CEO, HSBC Bank Polska


2016 marks the 25th anniversary of a revival of Polish-UK close cooperation after the political and economic transformation in Poland, which laid the foundations for a new era of our bilateral relations.

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British Investment

The local roots of international success

by Piotr Ciski, country manager, Sage Poland


The UK is one of the most thriving business incubators in the world.

British Investment

21 years of innovation in Polish retail

by Daria Kulińska, head of communications, Tesco Poland


Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen from a market stall in London’s East End. Over the years our business has grown and we now operate in 12 countries around the world, employ over 530,000 people and serve tens of millions of customers every week.

British Investment

An exemplar of British manufacturing

by Dariusz Podgórski, vice president, AGI Eastern Europe (North), Bodycote Polska Sp. z o.o.


Bodycote is the world’s largest and most respected provider of thermal processing services which form a vital link in the manufacturing supply chain.

British Investment

How the BP brand played a part in the history of Polish transformation

by Piotr Pyrich, general director of BP Europa SE, Polish Branch


Twenty-five years ago BP became involved in the process of setting standards for premium fuel stations in Poland. Today, retail sites have evolved into small hubs serving drivers.

British Investment

Imperial Tobacco Polska – a modern tobacco company

by Agnieszka Świergiel – general manager, president of management board, Imperial Tobacco Polska S.A.


There are two companies from the Imperial  Brands which operate in Poland: Imperial Tobacco Polska SA, with its headquarters in Tarnowo Podgórne near to Poznań, and Imperial Tobacco Polska Manufacturing SA, with headquarters in Radom.

British Investment

GKN – a global force in manufacturing, developing strongly in Poland

by Mariusz Karolewski – plant director, GKN Driveline Polska


Every day, GKN drives the wheels of hundreds of millions of cars, helps thousands of aircraft to fly, and delivers the power to move earth and harvest crops.

British Investment

How we revolutised Poland’s transport industry

by Piotr Pogonowski, director of marketing and communications, PolskiBus.com


The PolskiBus.com company debuted in the Polish market on 18 June 2011, and has been successfully operating for almost five years.

British Investment

How Poland’s real estate market matured

by Paulina Krasnopolska, director of communications, JLL


1989 in Poland marked the beginning of the expansion of numerous international companies – including investors, manufacturers and other businesses from the UK.

British Investment

BSI – past and future

by Joanna Bańkowska, managing director, BSI Group Polska


One of the ways in which human civilisation has advanced over the past few decades has been the introduction of standards into many business processes, starting with manufacturing industry, leading to far greater reliability built into the things we use.

British Investment

Global sustainability conference – is it any good for Polish business?

by Veronica Heaven, managing director, The Heaven Company London Limited


Poland is celebrating more than 25 years of transformational change following communist times; enjoying consistent economic growth, its position as an importer and exporter to other European countries is continuing to expand. The influence and importance of the Polish market is on an upward trend.