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Innovations in each office

by Łukasz Sośniaczyński, implementation director, onPoint.pl
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Almost every day, we can witness the emergence of innovative technologies, presented to the public at fairs, exhibitions, or in corporate laboratories. Their main purpose is to facilitate life or to improve the quality of life.

In the case of companies, however, this is the key factor of competitiveness.

So, what are innovations?

The concept of ‘innovation’ commonly symbolises change, often a novelty, expressed in the form of new products or technologies, non-traditional services or unconventional management methods. ‘Change’ is the key word here. It is one of the indicators of the modern times. Our enterprises, to be competitive, must be continuously developing in various areas of their activities. People management is certainly one of the toughest and the most dynamic. Innovations in this area can violate workers' habits, ways of acting and cooperation systems. As a result, we often experience modernised relations between managers and subordinates.

Why to change?

Change is now the key factor in competitiveness. We change not only to survive in the business world, but to thrive in the ever-evolving conditions and needs appearing on the market. Continuous changes in the organisation, management, methods of motivation, problem-solving and technology are therefore necessary.

Looking back, innovation was a common feature of all successful companies. Nowadays, the phenomenon is much more dynamic. Leading enterprises continue to compete in the application of innovative solutions that guarantee their advantages in the market.

Who is to change?

The race for success which accompanies heavily competitive markets has resulted in a situation in which managers, to achieve effective advantages, reach for innovative solutions. The large number of innovations in the markets forces them to re-evaluate their previously-delivered results theories. The role of the modern manager is to respond rapidly to changes, or even anticipating them. All businesses, even those whose only aspiration is to hang on to their current market position, seem to be forced to race for innovation. Competitive advantages must therefore be sought in the ability to be innovative.

What innovations?

Businesses apply new technologies to varying degrees and in different areas of operations. Yet the lowest number of them are applied in the heart of organisations, in offices. Many offices base their communications on e-mails used to send information on absences, work schedules, timesheets and communications to employees, which are difficult to manage. The result is an impressive stack of paper printouts circulating around companies, requiring much attention of HR and administrative departments to effectively manage them. It's a bit like keeping books of account in a spreadsheet when there are many specialised programs at your fingertips. It is worth to look at the available tools and improve the work within our organization.

What to choose?

One of the fundamental aspects of any office is to manage absences and working time. In this area, the onPoint.pl program is an example of an innovative tool, it is offered by a subsidiary of AdAc Sp. z o. o., the provider of payroll services for more than 10 years.

OnPoint.pl is an electronic service enabling each employee to have an individual login and password to access his/her own records of working time and absence management. The employee is equipped with a number of tools to help them manage work time: working time alarms (daily, weekly, monthly standards), accounting for overtime (time off in lieu/payment for overtime), applying for overtime, and various types of leaves. For example – a leave request is completed and simultaneously sent to the manager for approval. Significantly, employees can plan their holidays not only from the office, but from their own homes, with insight into their own records of working time. Such solutions mean no more time-consuming questions to HR departments on the how much leave is left. It also results in instant access for managers to many useful staff reports which can be created with a single click.

The OnPoint.pl program meets the requirements of the Polish Labour Code, since it can record the time from the primary presence in the office to a complex division into individual steps performed by employees. These data enables the managers to automatically report the tasks and working time of their teams. What's more, it is a valuable source of information on working time, maintaining standards, settlement, time off in lieu and valuation of overtime, night hours or days off for holidays.

Possible areas of innovations also include the settlement of domestic and foreign travels. This is a convergent process, to be followed on the computer through the onPoint.pl program from the start to the end. Managers remotely delegate employees, specifying the purpose and place of business and the employee merely confirms the place of the delegation and provides its basic costs. The program itself determines the settlement of the foreign delegation, the cost of subsistence allowances and the lump sum and sends a final settlement to the approval of the relevant manager.

What are the benefits?

Introducing technological improvements in the daily office work, we shorten the processing time, above all, eliminating the circulation of paper documents, taking care of our natural environment. The savings derived from the implementation of new solutions, such as the settlement of delegations, can reach up to 80%. Access mobility is also an important advantage. Using the onPoint.pl program, we have access to all processes from anywhere in the world, simultaneously maintaining the highest security standards (SSL protocols). Employees enter data on a regular basis, managers report complete information to the system. Moreover, all of the features and solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the enterprise and only a web browser and internet access is needed for the functioning of onPoint.pl.
In the light of the developments in the HR market, modern solutions such a onPoint, has quickly become a standard in our enterprises.

On behalf of onPoint.pl and BPCC, we are pleased to invite you to take advantage of free-of-charge access to a selected OnPoint module for BPCC members: holiday or delegation settlement. The free-of-charge access is offered for the whole of 2016.

Details of the free-of-charge offer can be found on www.onpoint.pl/BPCC.

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