23 (118) 2016
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Innovation in logistics: getting ready for e-commerce

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by Marta Kunikowska, business development manager, Rhenus Logistics S.A


In traditional sales channels, the logistics process ends in a shop or warehouse, and is limited to  the efficient management of inventories and deliveries.

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Factors affecting the business services sector in selected Polish hubs

Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency


In the global economy, increasingly dependent on services and knowledge, cities and their metropolitan areas greatly determine the development power of regions and countries.


Kraków Living Lab. A new approach to foster innovation by Kraków Technology Park

by Agnieszka Włodarczyk, project manager, coordinator of the SMART_KOM Kraków in Smart Cities Network project


Innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product or service, or process, a new marketing method or a new organisational method into business practice, workplace organisation or external relations.


How to approach innovation

by Jacek Zduńczyk and Przemysław Komorowski, Faber Consulting


‘Innovation’ is a concept which Europe’s politicians, economists, businessmen and scientists cannot stop talking about. Although the EU is irrepressibly interested in the matter, it still can’t catch up in the area of innovation with such players as the US or the Asian tigers.


A breakthrough year for ‘thinking’ computers

Deloitte, www.Deloitte.com/pl


80 out of 100 leading enterprise software firms set to develop cognitive technologies this year


EU funds for research and development projects

by Robert Pawlak, operations director, A1 Europe


There are two main areas (or to use Euro-jargon, ‘priority axes’) around which most EU funds for business from the 2014-2020 budget are concentrated.


What to expect in technology in 2016?

by Anna Kuprian, account manager and Kamil Krzywański, account manager, Grayling


Major technology trends as seen during CES 2016


Innovation Showcase

by Ben Petter, director of international client services, Grayling, and Marta Paleczna, marketing and communications director, Grayling


Bringing British innovation alive across Central & Eastern Europe


New R&D tax incentive in Poland and this time it’s a tax credit

by Wojciech Garczyński and Paweł Turek, Baker Tilly Poland


A new tax credit for R&D activity was introduced at the beginning of January 2016. It replaced the previous tax credit for buying new technologies, which didn’t prove popular among businesses.


Key steps to success: the ‘science’ behind selling

by, Dr Chahid Fourali, Founding Member and Board Member of Polish National Sales Awards


Can selling be taught?
Selling, like many other initiatives in life, require preparation.


How innovation will change the shape of global trade

by Stuart Tait, global head of trade and receivables finance, HSBC


A fridge that texts you where to buy the cheapest milk; a washing machine that orders washing powder online when it runs out; and a jet engine that tells engineers when it needs repairing and lists the parts to order. It sounds futuristic, but these intelligent machines already exist.


Innovation: new is not necessarily better!

by Christopher Nicholls, principal, British Primary School of Wilanow


Innovation comes in more than one form. There’s technological innovation, for example. Today, the camera in your phone may have more pixels than a high-spec digital camera had 15 years ago. But there’s also fashion innovation, which gives you a sense of superiority over what came before but without such definable or genuine improvements.


The tech industry – a new work order

by Arkadiusz Matras, CEO and founder, 4-IT Artists in Technology


The modern tech industry environment is undergoing a paradigm shift towards human-oriented thinking. We work differently, we think differently about enterprise, we maintain our work-life balance differently than any generation before us.


Scale up for innovation

by Patrycja Gołos, public policy and corporate affairs director, UPC Poland


Differentiate or die – in today's world of digital services these words are more relevant than ever. We are currently witnessing the differences between suppliers from different sectors and industries fading out.


Polish venture capital - driving innovation to market

by Arkadiusz Kuich, CEO, Erne Ventures S.A.


Erne Ventures is a company that has been listed on NewConnect since 2008 and operates as a venture capital fund concentrating on short- or medium-term investments in products and services with high  development potential on the global market.


ReStore – social innovation in entrepreneurship

by Justyna Kalita, fundraising manager, Magdalena Ruszkowska-Cieślak, programme director, Habitat for Humanity Poland


"I am encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world rather than just making money. Making money Is not fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun.”- Muhammad Yunus


Innovations in each office

by Łukasz Sośniaczyński, implementation director, onPoint.pl


Almost every day, we can witness the emergence of innovative technologies, presented to the public at fairs, exhibitions, or in corporate laboratories. Their main purpose is to facilitate life or to improve the quality of life.


Atmosphere and analytics – the future of innovation in HR

by Robert Leeming, editor hrreview.com.pl


Innovation in HR is crucial. An innovative HR department will help to create an innovative company.  Employers are missing out on a host of innovative ideas by not listening to their staff.


Target: innovation

Targi Kielce's spotlight on innovativeness


Time to innovate HR – trends in in-company learning 2016

by Zofia Baranska, director, Blackbird Academy


We live in incredible times. People push the boundaries of human experience on a daily basis. There are ways to print human tissues and organs and to personalise medicine. Communication has never been faster.