22 (117) 2015
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New Flavour in Town – Building a Successful Export Strategy for North East coffee company Beanies

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Durham based producer of premium freeze dried coffees Beanies Flavour Company has lifted the lid on the Polish market thanks to BPCC Trade, innovative products and a great market entry strategy. 

‘Europe is a key focus for our export strategy and we’re looking at markets with a clearly defined and mature retail supply chain, so Poland was absolutely one of those’ John Evans, Beanies’ Managing Director, told us, and little wonder since Poland is the 6th largest population in Europe. 
Beanies have embarked on a long-term project to enter Poland backed by a dedicated team of Food Sector advisors, amongst them BPCC Trade’s Malgorzata Kaczmarek who told us, ‘the thing that’s great about working with Beanies is their commitment to their own success and their perseverance throughout, which is not something every British exporter brings to the table.’ Thanks to the support of BPCC Trade and this committed approach, Beanies now have listings in Poland’s largest independent food and drink retailer and distributor Kuchnie Swiata and have recently entered all 52 major stores of one of Poland’s largest retailers, Auchan, with their unique range of flavoured coffees. 
‘We’d had some limited sales in Poland, mostly on the web, but our journey into market has been much faster thanks to BPCC Trade,’ John told us, ‘and working with a clearly defined sales plan our growth has taken off.’ Key to Beanies’ success has been tailoring their sales and marketing to the Polish consumer, something that BPCC Trade advises call companies to consider: ‘Beanies have adapted to the market and responded to our feedback on sales and marketing, including designing a new label in Polish and investing energy into Facebook B2C marketing, which is crucial in a competitive sector like food and drink,’ Malgorzata said. 
Polish consumers all across the country now have the chance to wake up and smell the coffee on hundreds of new British food and drink products entering the market thanks to Malgorzata and her colleagues. 

For more information about Beanies please contact malgorzata.kaczmarek@bpcc.org.pl.

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